Key lime bonanza!!!

I got the most wonderful present this week:

One of my friends, a “barn mom” from home, Monique, sent me this box from Florida this week!!  After reading about my plight about finding fresh key limes in the city, Monique texted for my address, and about an hour later, I got a message saying the limes were on their way! What a kind gesture! Not that I should be surprised, Monique and her family (I used to babysit her kids, Anders and Liam, now they are in college! Time flies and I am old!) are some of the nicest and kindest people I know. The best part – she sent me a lime squeezer!!

So what to do with four bags of key limes!? Another key lime pie? Hmm. Key lime cheesecake bars? Okay!

I found a recipe on another blog. It was key lime cheesecake with an almond cookie crust. The cheesecake bit was delicious, but the crust was, while not terrible, “not going to win [me] any awards”, in the words of my ever so loving boyfriend. Keep in mind after he said this, he scarfed down three more bars for his dinner. Must not have been too terrible! And my co-workers seemed to like them as well.

Not so hot crust aside, I had a ton of fun making the bars. The fresh lime juice made such a difference compared to the bottled stuff, I loved the cheesecake bit! And I’m sure lucky Monique sent me that juicer – I squeezed and squeezed limes for what seemed like ages to get to my one cup of lime juice – my hands would have been dying!

One bag of key limes down, three to go!

Cheesecake bars coming up soon, but with the traditional graham cracker crust!

Thanks a million Monique!! xxxx



One thought on “Key lime bonanza!!!

  1. I would do anything for you! You took amazing care of my kids when they were kids! And now that they are adults you’re remembered as the fun babysitter who cried at Disney movies!!! Love you!!!

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