Corn and black bean summer salad

So you may have read one of my previous posts where we had a giant dinner at my dad’s house. Polly, my step-mom, made a lovely corn and black bean salad that inspired me today.

I love sweet corn – it reminds me of summer. Also, summer is when you get the best avocados and tomatoes – best to use them now. This is a great salad to serve at a barbecue (or family dinner!) and is fairly inexpensive to put together. It’s easy too, but the corn can get a bit crazy – it leaps off the cob all over the counter, and when you’re husking the corn, somehow the silk gets all over the kitchen. Yikes. Lucky Mike is in London, away from the corn party.


4 ears fresh sweet corn

1 jalepeno, minced

Juice from 1 or 2 limes

1 avocado, diced

2 tomatoes, diced

1 can black beans – thoroughly rinsed

drizzle of olive oil

Husk the corn and cut the kernels off the cobs into a bowl. Trust me, cut into a bowl – otherwise it will look like a corn exploded off the cob onto your counter and floors (I swear I cleaned it straight up!). Even with the cob in the bowl, stray kernels will still try to run. Scoop them back up and put them in the bowl. Dice up the jalepeno. I usually cut them in half lengthwise, and then remove the seeds under running water. Careful not to touch your eyes or nose or any sort of membrane after… it will burn like no other!!! The longer you let the jalepenos sit with the corn, the more the jalepeno flavor absorbs into the corn. Yum. Add the avocado, tomatoes and beans. Put in the lime juice and drizzle a bit of olive oil (just a touch). Season with salt and pepper.

Yay! You’re done! I like the black beans because they add a bit of protein, and fill you up. The avocado is my favorite flavor, particularly with the jalepeno.

Another thing about corn – you can tell how fast your metabolism is running! Hahaha.


2 thoughts on “Corn and black bean summer salad

  1. Please admit or deny that you, members of your immediate family, or parties in which you may have a present or contemplated financial interest are directly engaged in or associated with the production of corn?

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