Grown up pigs in a blanket! mmmm…

I think there are a million cute pubs/bars in NYC, and probably a bajillion of them are located in the West Village. Wilfie & Nell’s is one of those. I have been there a couple of times now, and have discovered their pigs in a blanket.

Sage pork sausage links wrapped in bacon.

Yep, meat wrapped in meat, my favorite thing.

What’s nice about these is that while they are pub food, they are fancy pub food. And I’m sure the rest of the menu is delicious (well I know the fries are), but I thought you should know about these piggies.

And to those who went with me the first time, and ate these before I arrived with nary a word, I will remember this. How cruel of you.

2 2 8  West 4th Street
Between 7th Avenue & West 1 0th Street


3 thoughts on “Grown up pigs in a blanket! mmmm…

  1. So, here what I have to say about your upscale pigs in a blanket…

    There is nothing classier then an oscar meijer wraped in a pilsbury cresent roll, filled with velveeta and dipped in a ketchup and mustard mix…
    I’m just sayin’

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